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Tito Cheriachan

Java Developer

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Over the past 12 years, I have worked in various business domains and many Java frameworks. I have worked for an airline logistics company in 2006 and have programmed connected cars (FIAT Chryslers) in 2014.

I make use of any technology that I can get my hands on to solve a problem that I face. I am working at 3CE Technologies Inc. in Montreal Canada which specializes in data classification.

Latest Personal Projects



This is a small utility which sends out scheduled tweets from a text file. This is my bestseller. This utility has been around for 5 years now. Its made in Java swing and has embedded JRE. I have made use of threads extensively in this utility.

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Twitter Autofollower


This is a bot which can follow people in twitter automatically. Once you setup this utility with the authentication keys from twitter,this utilty will start following people on your behalf. Those who are familiar with twitter finds this tool extremely useful to grow their followers within a short period of time.

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Work Experience

Senior Java Developer3CE Technologies, Inc. (2016 - Present)

Supporting the commodity classification application.

Engineer - Account Summary American Express (2015 - 2016)

Web application development of www.americanexpress.com ‘s Account Summary page for US customers. Account Summary application displays the credit card customer’s transactions, minimum amount due and credit score.

  • Consumed payment webservices to display the recent payment processing details on card member’s home page at http://www.americanexpress.com.
  • Consumed recommendations webservices for displaying AMEX Thanksgiving promotions.
  • Developed backend service to display FICO history line chart on americanexpress.com
  • Agile team member
  • IT Analyst - Sprint Velocity Connected Cars Sprint (contractor) (2012 - 2015)

    All the Chrysler vehicles have an optional touchscreen telematics unit which provides features like navigation, remote vehicle start/stop and vehicle diagnostics which can be controlled through Chrysler’s Mopar owner’s site as well customer’s mobile app.

    Sprint provides the hardware and software for Chrysler’s telematics unit. The telematics unit runs on QNX operating system and has embedded real time JVM called Jamaica. The embedded apps are developed in Java, packaged as jar files which can be installed on the telematics unit. The telematics unit has modem for data connectivity, GPS, sensors along with various 52 sensor interfaces from the vehicle.

  • Maintain & Develop Vehicle health check services app which runs as daemon inside the vehicle.
  • Develop Remote operations daemon app which will trigger Engine start, door lock/unlock.
  • Physically work inside the vehicle to test the applications in real time.
  • Build & Obfuscate the jar files for production releases.
  • Use Yelp’s REST API to develop an in vehicle Yelp app.
  • Software Developer Lulu Money Exchange (2010 - 2011)

    The money exchange buys & sells currency and do foreign remittances to many countries. The internal application is used to handle the customer profile and transaction data with banks and other branches of the exchange.

  • Develop web application for currency buying and selling.
  • Use SMPP for sending notifications to customer’s mobile.
  • Connect an accounting application with the internal application using JMS.
  • Implement Compass Lucene text search for searching transaction data.
  • Software Developer UAE Exchange (2009 - 2010)

    UAE Exchange is middle east's largest foreign money exchange. The exchange has dedicated IT department for building software applications for its money exchange business.

  • Generates certificates and maintain the internal PKI applicaiton.
  • Make CSR generation compatible with various browsers.
  • Securing mobile banking application in J2ME.
  • Encrypt transaction data with BouncyCastle cryptographic library.
  • Used Hessian Caucho protocol for webservices.
  • Senior Software Engineer IBS Software Services (2006 - 2009)

    IBS provides SaaS model to many airline companies worldwide. iCargo is one of the top cargo logistics application used by many cargo carriers like Japan Airlines , Lufthansa , Air NewZealand.

  • Implement change requests and fix bugs in the cargo tracking module of the iCargo product.
  • Parse cargo standard xml messages to track the cargo locations.
  • Information lookup by flight number using the web services of Global Departure System ( GDS ).